Lelando Sparado

Castillian Sorcerer


Brawn: ●●●
Finesse: ●●●
Wits: ●●
Resolve: ●●
Panache: ●●


ARCANA: Lecherous

Hunted – 3 (Inquisition), Hunted – 2 (Scandal)

Connection – 2 (Confidant in The Knights of the Rose and the Cross), Androgynous

Reputation: -5

Wealth: 24 Guilders

Languages: Castille, Avalon

Sorcery: El Fuego Adentro

Apprentice Technique:
Heart of Flame
Heat and fire based damage cannot harm you. Can also direct the movement of one fire within 10 feet. Fire will ignore wind and move across water if wanted.

Sorcery Knacks:
Firestarting – 2
Take 1 Flesh Wound in order to start a fire in conditions up to wet timber or light rain.
Feed – 2
Prevent fire from shrinking til next Phase. 2 Flesh Wounds per die that would have been lost, -1 per Rank.
Extinguish – 1
Use Action to reduce damage of fire by a number of dice per Rank. Range is 100 x Rank.
Concentrate – 1
For each Rank beyond the first, can control 1 additional fire.
Flaming Blade – 1
Set sword on fire by plunging into a fire then keep the fire burning on the blade. Costs 6 Flesh Wounds.

Explorer: First Aid 1, Stealth 1, Research 1
Performer: Acting 1, Dancing 1, Oratory 1, Singing 1
Bomb-making: Blacksmith 1, Cooper 1, Mathematics 1
Courtier: Dancing 1, Etiquette 1, Fashion 1, Oratory 1, Perception 1

Fencing: Attack 1, Parry (Fencing) 1

Gallegos Blade: To Hit: 4k3 + 2 Damage: 5k2

Parry (Fencing): Passive: 10 Active: 3k2


(Note: Rival to come in the future.)

Lelando hails from Gallegos region of Castille but has long since left what little homey feeling his motherland held for him with a small chance of returning. As the youngest of a family of two children, he always looked up to his sister until she began showing signs of El Fuego Adentro. His father, being a noble, was proud of his little girl carrying the Heart of Flame, but the Church soon destroyed the happiness and hope in the Sparado family along with the name Sparado in its entirety. Though the sorcerer blood that was carried through his family could not be hurt by flame, steel became their undoing as the church stormed through and cut down the Sparado household. Ser Abran of the Knights of the Rose and the Cross, a friend of the family, saved Lelando and his sister, Eldora, from death and smuggled the siblings to Vodacce.

In Vodacce, Lelando grew into his powers and used the Heart of Flame to help him with creating explosives. The making of fireworks landed the boy into a troop of actors called Sciocchi Fortuna or the Fool’s Luck. He learned how to preform well as an actor under the guidance of his troop/family. But before they left to travel to Avalon, Lelando landed himself in trouble with a noble family in the area. The wife of a noble in Vodacce coveted Lelando’s fireworks to the point where she seduced him. Being the playboy he is known to be, he fell into her bed and when he left, he vowed never to return to her side being disgusted with her ploy and her sexual antics. It didn’t help that she was worse in bed than many of the brothel wenches he had visited, talking badly about her husband most of the night. So she did what any vixen would do, she told her husband that Lelando raped her. So while being hunted by the church for his fire magic he is also hunted by the noble who’s name he sullied.

Now in Avalon he has planned parting with the troop to find a greater purpose for his life, and at the ripe age of 25 what better time to do so?

Death: Lelando will die shortly after falling in love with a woman who does not desire him for his impish playboy nature. While trying one of his many attempts to seduce her (as maybe they begin to fall for each other depending how everything plays out), he (or she depending on if she is also a fire sorcerer or a fate witch) will set off a bomb filled with shrapnel thus killing himself in the name of love.

Lelando Sparado

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