Jost Deniel

Avalon Glamour Sorceror


Brawn: ●●
Finesse: ●●
Wits: ●●
Resolve: ●●●
Panache: ●●



ARCANA: Fortune
May activate Virtue to reroll any failed roll whose TN is 20 or less – only once per any roll

Sidhe Lover – 2
Moment of Awe – 3

Avalon Accent – Highland
Child of the Sea
You can smell the sharp tang of the salt air no matter how far inland you travel. You can sense impending storms, and if you ever get into a Drowning situation, your Resolve is considered +3 Ranks higher.

Reputation: -10


Languages: Avalon

Sorcery: Glamour

Apprentice Technique:
Blessing of Renown: All Reputation Dice are now Glamour Dice (no Arcana or XP use). Can use Apprentice ability of Legend Knacks.

Legend Knacks:
Anne o’ the Wind (1)
Spend a drama die to add 1 extra unkept die to initiative roll // 3k2
Horned Hunter (1)
Spend a drama die to add your knack rank to brawn for one roll. Cannot be used during contested rolls, wound checks, or damage rolls
Green Man (1)
Spend a drama die, then roll one non-exploding die for every rank you have and keep the highest one. Give that die to another hero who adds the number on the die to all his rolls until end of Scene
Jack (2)
Spend drama die to transform small object into another small object until the next dawn or until you will the enchantment to end. If transformed object is broken into pieces all the pieces disappear at dawn except one randomly chosen that turns back into original object.
- If food, and food is eaten the original object is destroyed
- If small animal (bird) and the animal is killed, original object is destroyed
- For rocks, cards, etc, can effect up to 5 objects at a time
- Guilders – can effect up to 5 times knack rank

Thomas (2)
Whenever someone or something that possesses Sorcery is within 10 yards, left thumb tingles. When someone uses Sorcery directly on you, you immediately detect what’s being done, and if you spend a Drama die you may resist the magic. Rank of knack effecting you must be less than or equal to your knack rank

Streetwise: Perception (1), Socializing (1), Street Navigation (1)
Bard: Etiquette (1), History (1), Oratory (1), Singing (1)
Artist: Musician (Instrument)(2)

Knife: Attack (1), Parry (1)

Knife: To Hit: 3k2 Damage: 3k2

Parry (Knife): Passive: 10 Active: 3k2


Jost Deniel, hailing from the Highlands region of Avalon, would likely tell you that he is not anyone particularly special. But the phrase would be said playfully, perhaps with the wink of an eye, that gives the lie to that opinion of himself. Rather, he knows quite well that he is young, attractive, and destined for great things. Growing up, he spent much of his time playing far from home in the wild places of the land and gaining a respect for nature and the elements. He also at various points glimpsed Sidhe also wandering the moors. These early encounters set the tone for the young Jost to want to explore and learn more about the world.

As he grew, he became more and more bold in his adventuring, eventually showing a talent for Glamour sorcery and music. This led him away from home to the shores of Avalon, where he fell in for a time with a small band of roving thieves and ne’er do wells. The group, calling themselves the Nightshadows, endeavored in everything from cattle raids to highway robbery. Jost learned many things while running with them, including how to fight and tell wild tales of adventure and heroism. He became good friends with many others in the group, including one older noble who often hid them upon his lands and taught Jost much of what he knows about the history of the lands. However, when the Nightshadows were commissioned to assassinate a Highlands noble, Jost left the group late in the night rather than participate in such a thing. Still, his name and face had become known throughout much of the country for his exploits while with the Nightshadows.

Once he was on his own again, Jost thought that it would most likely be a good idea to make himself scarce for a while and decided to embark upon a voyage of discovery. This voyage led his across the seas to various faraway ports.

Having experienced a pleasant journey, Jost turned finally for home with a somewhat heavy heart, sorry that he had to end his travels. There was yet one more adventure in store before he reached the shores of Avalon, however. Traveling on the same ship was a Sidhe nobleman in disguise. Close to the end of their voyage, a wild storm blew up out of nowhere and the Sidhe was very nearly washed overboard, but was caught just in time by Jost. In thanks, the Sidhe made for Jost an enchanted guitar blessed by Sidhe magics. Finally home after visiting the Sidhe court and receiving his reward, Jost decided to linger in Canguine for a time before going back to the Highlands.

Death: Will be killed by a Sidhe

Jost Deniel

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