Grathar Berg

Eisen Swordsman


Brawn: ●●●●
Finesse: ●●
Wits: ●●
Resolve: ●●
Panache: ●●


ARCANA: Reckless

Backgrounds: Nemesis (2)

Advantages: Dracheneisen (Minor Nobility): Panzerhand (3 AP, +1k0 w/ Panzerhand knacks), Able Drinker, Large, Panzerhand Modification: Spikes (Damage is 2k2), Membership: Swordsman’s Guild

Reputation: 5

Wealth: 12 G

Languages: Eisen (R/W), Avalon (R/W)

Swordsman School: Eisenfaust

Apprentice Technique:
Negates the off-hand penalty when using a panzerhand. When opponent fails to hit your Passive Defense, gain a Free Raise to your next attack against them for every full 5 points they missed by. These Raises must be used against that opponent before the end of the Round, or they are lost. In addition, if that same opponent attacks you again before you use the Raises, they are lost as the window of opportunity closes.

Swordsman’s Knacks: Beat (Heavy Weapon) 1, Bind (Heavy Weapon) 1, Disarm (Heavy Weapon) 1, Exploit Weakness (Eisenfaust) 1

Explorer: Balance 1, First Aid 1, Survival 1

Heavy Weapon: Attack (Heavy Weapon) 1, Parry (Heavy Weapon) 1
Panzerhand: Attack (Panzerhand) 1, Parry (Panzerhand) 1
Polearm: Attack (Polarm) 1, Parry (Polearm) 1
Athelete: Climbing 1, Footwork 1, Sprinting 1, Throwing 1

Panzerhand: To Hit: 4k2 Damage: 7k2
Broadsword: To Hit: 3k2 Damage: 8k2

Footwork: Passive: 10 Active: 3k2
Parry (Heavy Weapon): Passive: 10 Active: 3k2
Parry (Panzerhand): Passive: 10 Active: 4k2
Parry (Polearm): Passive: 10 Active: 3k2
Climbing: Passive: 10 Active: 3k2
Running: Passive: 10 Active: 3k2


There once was a youngest son of ten born to the Bergs, a Pösen family somewhat recently made noble by the heroism of a man some two or three generations up. His elder brothers never liked him much, but when that dislike turned physical he turned the tables on them, fighting back with all his might and even occasionally winning. He became a dangerous boy to pick fights with, and gained a healthy dislike for anyone he saw as a bully. Somewhere along the way he was educated a little, learning to read and write in not only his own country’s language, but that of Avalon, as well.

Around the age of sixteen, this youngest son won a Dracheneisen Panzerhand from an elder brother in a contest of pure strength. With little interest in what little inheritance he would have obtained after his brothers were through with his father’s estate, he eventually left home in search of a trade to earn his own money by. He was naturally drawn to the fight, and soon enrolled in a swordsman school, specifically one teaching the Eisenfaust style of fighting. There he had friends, and with those friends he drank, eventually building up such a tolerance for alcohol that some of them swore he could outdrink a bear. He still managed to learn to fight amid all the drinking, of course.

Grathar (for that was his first name, I’ll not hide it any more) left afterward to explore wild lands and old ruins, and wandered the continent in search of adventure. Eventually he found himself in Canguine, volunteering as a nightwatchman, searching equally for any criminals or troublemakers, and any sufficiently legitimate way to replenish his now quite modest supply of Guilders.

Death: Someday Grathar will find himself stuck, completely surrounded by enemies surrounded by walls. He may try to beat his way out, but soon it’ll be clear that simply isn’t an option, for one reason or another. Rather than letting them get the best of him, Grathar will find a way to bring the house down—literally—dealing one final, crushing blow to those enemies who brought him to do it, but killing himself in the process.

Grathar Berg

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