Mysts of Avalon

Subtle Beginnings

Jost, an Avalon glamour sorcerer, and Grathar, an Eisen swordsman, happened upon each other one early morning at the Broken Compass Tavern across the room over food and a much too early drink. Jost soon fell victim to the depths of intoxication as his newfound friend had yet to show any sign that the drink was (or was not) effecting him.

Meanwhile on the other side of the city, Lelando was waking beside a brothel beauty. As he stirred to leave, she woke and attempted to seduce him for another romp with success. As his pleasure was taken, he left the beautiful Marianetta with a false promise to return when night fell. Lelando made his way through the streets looking for something to recharge his depleted systems. Choosing the Broken Compass, the Castillian made his way to the bar area to order light food and a wine to his taste.

Upon entering the tavern he was taken by a blond Avalon and his bear-ish companion. The flashy Castillian bumped the Avalon on his entrance quite on purpose to catch his attention, which he easily did. Jost left Grathar mid-conversation only to stumble and kiss the floor in a heap that included a bar stool at some point. Lelando ignored Jost’s fumble playfully as the bear came to join them, mug in hand. As Jost fawned over Lelando’s in-fashion clothing choice, the trio began to create virgin friendships. Suddenly Jost left and came back with a Sidhe-blessed guitar and began playing, entrancing those in the tavern and earning a bit of respect from Lelando’s performer side. Grathar, Jost, and Lelando left as a trio to the city streets.

A procession of guards began muscling their way through the streets, forcing even the large set Grathar aside. As Jost and Grathar watched the three groups of six lightly armored city guards roughly escorted a young woman (who Lelando instantly recognized as Marianetta) through the dingy streets, Lelando looked up sensing a presence. A young man with a thin blade crept across the rooptops. As Lelando shoved Grathar and pointed to the stranger, he leaped down and with cat-like grace rolled and attacked the guards after shouting something in Montaigne. Lelando, sensing the approaching battle, lit and tossed a bomb which happened to be a thick smoke bomb instead of the flash bomb intended. Jost dragged free his guitar and began to set the mood for battle, thick concentration lining his face. As the party scattered due to the thick rolling smoke, Grathar took a tiny amount of damage as a group of six bore down on him.

True to Lelando’s nickname for him (Bear) Grathar dealt back every ounce of pain done to him, and then some, taking out two guards with one sweeping blow of his spiked Panzerhand, Raphael (the stranger) seeming to glide in out of nowhere to take out one of the others. Lelando drew his flimsy looking Gallegos blade and took a swipe, taking two of his group of three down. Jost drew a dagger and rid the area of the last guard of that group before breaking off and dashing towards Marianetta, but not before sustaining a small wound in the process. He reached her as the last group of six muscled their way in.

Grathar raised a broadsword, feinting an attack to punch out another stunned guard. The remaining of that group were easily dispatched by Raphael and his smooth sword strokes. Lelando abandoned his group to follow Jost, seeing that the man was hurt. He slid on the ground sparking his blade against the gravel in the street and lit the blade on fire. Flaming blade in hand, he set aflame two more guards as Jost sustained another wound to his shoulder, this one bleeding a lot more than the last. Jost and Lelando managed to snatch Marianetta away from the guards as Grathar and Raphael ended the battle with their combined strength and flashing blades. Raphael and his sister were reunited, and upon some urging by Lelando, Marianetta left with him to return to his inn and prepare to return home.

Grathar slung one of the not burning guards on his shoulder and carried him to a dim ally to be questioned near the docks. As questioning went on, the guard clammed up and began to act strangely as if death did not cast fear inside him. Lelando went as far as to cast a ring of fire around the man. He began to speak in a language none of them knew as he stepped backwards into the fire, which the sorcerer frantically put out. The guard regained his own mind, but before any information could be milked from him a poison took his life, foam bubbling from his cold lips. Jost dragged him over to the water and let the body float much to the delight of some of the citizens.

The trio made their way to the brothel and got a tidbit of information from the Mother of the Antique Rose. Satisfied that the girls were being kidnapped instead of leaving on good terms, Lelando and Jost picked out their tastes and pleasured themselves among two average beauties. As the trio continued their way trying to figure out what was happening, Raphael returned with frantic news that Marianetta was ill. The heroes rushed to her aid too late to do much. She spoke in a similar language as the guard as an odd symbol burned into her chest from a fire not even Lelando could control. Her body rose from the bed with a power even Grathar could do nothing against. She finished speaking and exploded into a fleshy mess, the symbol remaining above the unnerved heroes and her distraught brother. Their troubles begin…


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